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Mas Camps
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Maury, Agly, Fenouillèdes, Roussillon

The origins of the name

In Roman times, the legions had established their camp at this place where the valley strangles and where Maury and Agly meet, at the outposts of the Roman Villa of Maury.

It is a strategic place, still in the Cathar era with the castle of Quéribus which dominates the Corbières

On the site, various objects were found, including a sesterce struck with the effigy of the emperor Gordian III (228-244)

The terroir with dream appellations

Côtes du Roussillon, Côtes du Roussillon Village, dry Maury and older appellations, those of sweet wines, Maury since 1936 and Muscat de rivesaltes.

Maury's black shales, Tautavel pebbles, clay and limestone combine to give the best Grenache, Carignan, Muscat, Macabeu ...

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