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A passion

Olivier was born in the early 70s in this pretty corner of the northern Pyrenees Orientales.

In 1993, he trained for adults and began to take an interest in wine.

In 1995, he took over the 25 ha of vines from his father in the coop cellar who took the opportunity to go on early retirement (while staying in support of course), but with the aim of vinifying for his own account in mind.

He innovates and embarks on the adventure of reasoning with other "young people" before everyone goes there.

The opportunity came a decade later with the Mas Camps estate.

The name already exists and the crossroads is known, it's a chance, but it's much bigger than he had imagined. Little by little, they therefore leave the plots of the coop cellars of Estagel and Tautavel and find themselves at the head of a 35 ha farm.

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