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 Le travail de la vigne

Between Estagel, Tautavel and Maury

Making wine is second nature. The villages live to the rhythm of the vine.
Season after season, the work on the soil and the plant evolves.

The harvest is manual of course (except the large plot of muscat by machine) but this is the tip of the iceberg. There is pruning, plowing, picking, sometimes a low wall to go up, some treatments in spring, suckering, wires, protect the vines from wild boars who love muscat and small fresh and juicy grains in the month of August.

Size is Olivier's favorite moment ... "You can think about it, we are in contemplation ... looking at nature, it's fantastic, it's 5 or 6 months when we are closest to the plant, with time without vegetation, you adapt to your vines. Everything comes from pruning but it is at your own pace. The relationship with the vine is privileged. The rest of the year, we run behind the vegetation."

It is reasoned and at home, it is a long-standing approach, not a marketing ad, there is no herbicide. Plowing, intercept and picking.

Most treatments are the same as in organic with larger doses against mildew and powdery mildew, some specific treatments against other diseases.

And then there is everything else , bottling, deliveries, there is almost one day a week of paperwork, "that's not why we chose this job."

Interest in wine increased with the work of the vine. Today he makes the wine he likes to drink. Quality wines, to share with friends above all.

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