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Nos vins

Blancs, rouges, rosés, vins doux, au fil du temps et des saisons c'est toute la gamme qui s'élargit



It's a bit new to the wines of this region: fresh whites from this land of solar wines ...

Clear dawn

Sauvignon on clay and limestone, direct pressing, vinification at low temperatures. Bottled early to preserve the aromas. Nose of white fruit and exotic palate with a nice freshness.

Pearly dawn 70% Muscat and 30% macabeu, beautiful liveliness and great freshness. Nice flavors and light notes of muscat on the palate.

The White Bottle

Argy Limestone from Maury, 50% Grenache blanc and Grenache gris

Old vineyard on hillsides, vinified in new 500 l barrels on lees with batonnage. 6 months aging.

Les rouges

Ronde des Vents

Mourvèdre, Syrah 40 % et 20 % de grenache, vinification par cépage. C'est un vin rouge profond au nez de fruits mûrs. Bon équilibre en bouche, notes boisées fondues, arômes réglissés, tanins soyeux, bonne longueur en bouche.

Pied du roc

40 % carignan vielles vignes et 20 % Syrah, mourvèdre, grenache  c'est un rouge violine au nez de petits fruits rouges, c'est un vin équilibré avec une jolie longueur en bouche, il supporte d'être un peu rafraîchi l'été.

Le Flacon Rouge

80% Mourvèdre et 20 % grenache noir:  un rouge puissant, issu de vieilles vignes a faible rendement et élevé 12 mois en barrique neuve. Un vin idéal sur viande maturé.

The soft

Muscat de Rivesaltes

The star of Roussillon, the largest area in AOC on the Pyrenees Orientales and which even overflows a little on the Aude. here it is really surprisingly fresh.

It comes in Christmas Muscat from the end of November and you instantly find yourself in the vines to eat grapes at perfect maturity.


The nectar of the gods, the grenache mutated from the fruit in the pure state that can be left to age as long as desired . It is impossible to resist.

Maury white

This is the new secret of our terroirs, white grenache, gray grenache and macabeu, a sweet light yellow wine with notes of pear and delicate vanilla, a cuddly wine, a real kiss.

And also

The pink

The burst of rose

Mourvèdre, Syrah and a touch of grenache for a dry rosé with raspberry notes ...

The BIBs

You will not be able to miss them at your cellar shop, beautiful boxes with modern colors, to keep in your fridge or to put on the buffet for evenings without fuss with friends ...

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